Think you know diets? Listen to this podcast.

This week, I’m going to focus on a podcast I recently heard. Since finishing the podcast, my mind has been filled with doubting thoughts about the diet world. Here’s the podcast. Take a listen. The conversation’s main topic is around weight watchers but dwindles into side convos about how diets mimic eating disorder behaviors andContinue reading “Think you know diets? Listen to this podcast.”

Why You Should Trust Public Health Professionals?

I recently met with two business mentors who gave incredible advice about focusing on a niche and my skills that stand out. It was suggested that I should highlight my background in public health and write content that shows I am a trusted source. I loved the idea and thought I should first write aboutContinue reading “Why You Should Trust Public Health Professionals?”

How to Flourish During The Rest Of 2020

Happy October! I’m basing this post off of recent conversations I’ve had with my friends. I’m that friend that loves to discuss leveling up and growth opportunities #chasethebag. I’m always optimistic about my friends but am especially proud right now because they are manifesting their dreams and crushing their goals. It’s inspiring and motivating whenContinue reading “How to Flourish During The Rest Of 2020”