Achieving Productivity While Working From Home

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How many of us feel like it’s hard to stay motivated or productive while working from home?

I don’t know about you but emails and Zoom meetings have doubled for me since we haven’t been able to interact in-person. I’ve been working from home full-time since March but am not new to remote work. I previously had a remote part-time job and had flexibility with my another previous job where I could work from home. My situation now is a bit different because I have an infant at home as well but, I want to emphasize that my productivity has not decreased one bit. In a separate post, I will focus on my routine working from home with my little one but today, I’ll stick to habits that help me stay productive and motivated while working from home.

WFH can be the tough for extroverts. I recently did a personality test and I’m almost split 50/50 extrovert/introvert. Although I can’t be in-person with my team, we video meet often and that helps fulfill my extrovert side. Overall, I love working from home and find that I actually get more work done in my home. I try my best to establish an environment that makes it easier to focus and power through work.

Here are my suggestions for people who want to be productive and more motivated while working from home.

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  1. If you don’t have a to-do list, create one and refer to this as your work bible. I like to use Asana, I can set-due dates and reminders. It also has a team function for multiple people who are working on a project, you can divide tasks and update progress as well. I love task managers so if anyone is using something else, please share in the comments.
  2. Working from home seems doable until every five minutes you’re going to the fridge, eyeing your bed, or flipping through the TV for a show. You MUST control these distractions. Which brings me to my next suggestion.
  3. Create a routine and commit to it. Plan your lunch and breaks. I wake up around 5:45a in the morning, and am working by 6:45a. Depending on my meetings for the day, I eat breakfast around 10a, lunch around 1p, and wrap up work around 4p. During my breaks, I can/text a friend, do laundry, water plants, etc. I’m happy to help create a routine for anyone interested.
  4. I know for us overachievers working from home it can be hard to turn off work but, I promise you that your mental health will thank you. If your 8 hours end at 5p, turn off your laptop and don’t look at it until the next day. Creating this boundary has helped me also stay motivated. If I know I only have 2 hours left of work time, I’m going to make the best of those two hours.
  5. Lastly, you can help stay motivated by working in a space with sunlight or a plant. I have also found it helpful to change your computer wallpaper to include a quote or someone inspires you. Additionally, there are a ton of great music playlist to get you in the work groove.
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Share in the comments your experience working from home, tips for staying motivated and productive, and if you’d like to go back to working in the office.

9 thoughts on “Achieving Productivity While Working From Home

  1. Great post Anyeezy! I started searching for a task manager when I started working from home and recently found Todoist. Which has both a free version and a paid version. Since I found it it’s been lifechanging both in work and outside of it.


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