D.I.Y Breastmilk Soap

breastmilk homemade soap

I recently found some neat ways to utilize my leftover breast milk. I breastfed for about three months and began to supplement and transition to formula. I have lots of leftover milk and, I don’t want to throw it away after I pumped so hard for it.

I started researching different uses (see below for my favorite reads &
videos). Breast milk has a few other uses other than drinking. For example, you can use it as a topical solution for treating acne, eczema, and diaper rash. My LO had moderate acne for a couple of months and within a week of using some breastmilk on her face, it cleared up. I even read that breastmilk can be used as a plant fertilizer and am tempted to try it.

I chose to create some breast milk soap. Here’s how…


 I found a couple of recipes via Pinterest. You can find it here. I chose to make a soap that helped with hydration, healing, and relaxation by adding eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree & rose petals for decoration. 

I used the soap that evening and was concerned about a strong smell, however it ended up being a mild scent. I found the soap to be moisturizing and pleasant overall. With the weather changing, I have a few dry spots and I have already noticed an improvement after one use. There are articles as well that say breastmilk helps reduce stretch marks so I am looking forward to seeing progress there. 

For my mommys breastfeeding, tell me. What are some ways you used leftover breast milk? 


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