Enjoying Holiday Season During A Pandemic

Tis the season for gatherings. Are you going to visit family and friends amidst covid-19?

I think many of us are anxious for a social event and what better way than to enjoy dinner with family you have not saw in months. Covid-19 cases have hit an all time high. By now, you’ve had it or know someone who has had it and have established personal perceptions that influence your decisions related to safety and prevention. This blog isn’t meant to tell you what you should but I’m hoping to help you think about how you celebrate the holiday season.

For my immediate family, we are staying away from large crowds, individuals who have been in gatherings larger than 10 , and people who don’t practice consistent preventive measures such as frequent hand-washing and wearing a mask. I also have concluded that if I have to wear a mask, then I’m not going. We’ve put together a marvelous menu including our favorite foods and have board games and movies ready for the holiday season. At first, I was bummed out about this decision because it’s my little one’s first holiday season but ultimately, I know she will have plenty of opportunities to visit family if we stay isolated this season. I realize not everyone has the same perception when it comes to contracting covid-19 and don’t mind seeing family, friends and going out. I think as long as you do whatever it is you are going to do, be responsible and considerate.

Examples of being responsible during this time are:

  • Wearing a mask
  • Getting a covid-19 test
  • Avoiding large crowds and social distancing when you have to go to the grocery store. Don’t be the person that stands right behind the person in front of you checking out.
  • Staying home if you have been sick (with covid-19 or not).

Now I’m curious, what are your plans for the holiday season? How will you make sure you are at low risk?

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