How I’m Managing My Postpartum Struggles

I hope my readers had a great Thanksgiving day. I took the week off from blogging to focus on family time. Even though I took the week off, I constantly thought about what content to publish next.

This week, I’d like to focus on my postpartum journey and particularly highlight a couple of struggles I’m facing. I’ve made it 7 months with my LO (woohoo). She’s crawling, pulling herself up to stand, loves eating beans and tortillas, and allows me to sleep for about 5ish hours in one stretch. 

I’ve noticed that while I’m learning how to take care of my child, I’ve lost touch with how to take care of myself.

One thing that consistently crosses my mind being postpartum, is the idea of who I was BEFORE having a baby and the things I could accomplish BEFORE baby. I have always had a hustler’s personality and could juggle a ton of tasks at once. Now, it’s just not as easily possible with the shift in my priorities. I’m learning to enjoy everyday and to not think of life as a race.

I also struggle with accepting my postpartum body. I gained about 40lbs during pregnancy and seven months later, I am carrying 35 of those pounds. I wear baggy clothes and just am having a hard time feeling confident. If you knew me a year ago, you know I would radiate confidence so, it’s challenging not to be comfortable and confident with my postpartum body. I spoke with my friends who also have children and, they do such a great job of comforting me and giving me suggestions on changing my thought process. I believe one of them said, “You just birthed a WHOLE human. It is going to take some time”. Putting everything into perspective makes this journey easier to handle. There are a couple of lifestyle changes I am working towards but, ultimately, I am focusing on being gentle towards myself. 

I would love to hear from you because your experiences are inspiring for me when overcoming these difficulties. What did you struggle with after having your baby? Explain how you got through those tough times.

One thought on “How I’m Managing My Postpartum Struggles

  1. Adjusting to mom life is definitely a challenge – probably the hardest I’ve faced. I had many of the same struggles. One piece of advice that has helped me a lot as a parent is (and I’m paraphrasing): “Don’t get caught up in chasing how life used to be. Life without a child is simply never going to be the same as life with a child. Find ways to make your new normal pleasant and fulfilling.” When I think back to (lowkey mourn) how life was before having my kids, I can get really sad and frustrated, almost depressed. Because no matter what I try today, I couldn’t make my life mirror that anymore. But that’s the beauty of life. Our lives evolve, and so can we. Figure out what brings you peace, joy and overall contentment today, as a mom. And strive to create that life for yourself every day. Appreciate your past life for its beauty and fun, but remember seasons change (and each season has its own beauty). And know you’re not alone… we got this sis!

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