Five Things To Do Right Now To Ease Into Parenthood This Year

five ways for parents to begin the new year

Happy New Year readers! I hope everyone had a relaxing time bringing in the new year. I’m stoked to kick this year off. I have tons and tons of content ideas to share with you. For most of the year, I’ll focus on parenthood content to help ease the transition and troubleshoot. Expect to read about choosing the right diaper for your baby, creating a schedule for your little one, and much more. Today, I’d like to share what I’m doing to begin my year of parenthood hassle-free.

purge your child's old clothing

It’s mind-blowing how fast infants grow out of their clothes. From 5 to 6 months, I spent so much time shuffling through Avianna’s closet looking for clothes she could fit. Let’s just say that she received a new wardrobe for Christmas. One thing I suggest doing at the start of a new year is to review your child’s closet and pack away or donate clothes that they’ve outgrown. I chose to save JUST in case we have another girl in the future. 

sanitize toys

You shouldn’t be unfamiliar with sanitizing or disinfecting after the year we had. Sanitizing toys is and should be a regular household chore but it’s particularly important that you give those toys a deep cleanse. Cleaners that are baby-friendly are emerging and because your child is likely to put their toys in their month, you want to disinfect with something without harsh chemicals such as bleach and ammonia. Here are a couple of favorites. Seventh- Generation Disinfectant Spray: and BabyGanics Multi-Surface Cleaner:  

do all of the laundry

Let’s do this dirty laundry, dirty laundry as Kelly Rowland would say. Wash everything! Sheets, pillows, and baby bags. 

organize doctor appointments

If anyone regularly sees a doctor, it’s a parent. Make sure you’re organized with which days work for wellness visits and reschedule if you are foreseeing a conflict. 

focus on one aspect of your child's growth

And last but not least, try to pick one milestone to prioritize that you want your little one to meet. When I think about all of the milestones I’d like to reach with Avianna it’s overwhelming and nothing but pressure.  Instead of focusing on everything you’d like your child to learn, focus on that one thing. For us, we are focusing on having Avianna sleep in her crib in her own room. She’s never done it and usually sleeps next to us in a pack n play or co-sleeps with me. Needless to say, I want my bed back. We started off the new year by having her sleep in her room and she did so well. She only woke up once and it was around 5 in the morning. Two things that helped with this process were her sleep sound machine: and her humidifier with color night lights:   (I add essential oils as well, try lavender).

I hope these tips help you start your year off with some clarity, cleanliness, and determination to beast mode parenthood. I’d love to hear from you about how you started your year. Did you enjoy what you read? All feedback is welcome.

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