Pandemic Parenting Continues

Parents- How ya doing? You ok?

I have to check- in because our lives are purely chaotic and non-stop on a regular basis. During this PANDEMIC, let me just say that I am focusing on staying sane. 

With everyone in the house all the time, I’m finding it difficult to get some time away for a mental break.

The pandemic isn’t going anywhere so it’s important that we parents learn ways to take care of our mental health. My biggest struggle right now is keeping my little one busy. She loves to explore and see what she can get into around the house. I’ve probably stopped about 20 times while writing this blog trying to tend to her. I’ve tried to make sure she has a variety of toys to catch her attention but, it doesn’t match up to the pantry or TV stand. On a positive note, I’ve created a morning/night routine that I cling to. In these routines, I’ve made sure to include something self-care related so that my happy hormones are released and my mood is a little better. Triggering your feel-good hormones during stressful times have helped me get through the days that seem impossible.

If you’re unfamiliar with the happy hormones here they are and how to naturally boost them. 

 You feel more stressed, tired throughout the day, or constantly craving unhealthy foods when these hormones are out of whack. I know that you’re thinking, how could we not be feeling stressed with everything going on. I’m telling you though that with workouts built into my day, a little Sarah Jakes Roberts or my go-to music playlist, I am feeling more optimistic about managing my plate. If nothing else, try to build in an hour in your day filled with ways to boost these hormones. Need help? DM me and we can think of some ideas. If you already have these built into your day, I’d love for you to share what you are doing to stay sane.

On a final note… 


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