My Number 1 Place To Buy Baby Products

Hi readers! 

How’s parenting life going? We’ve been trying to work on an eating and sleeping schedule for Avianna and it’s been a struggle, to say the least. She did start daycare this week and the first day was rough on us. So needless to say, parenting for us lately has been an emotionally trying period. 

What I haven’t been stressing about is making sure Avianna has her necessities like pampers, wipes, and other baby items. My go-to store is Amazon because shipping is so fast and there is plenty of variety to browse. I rarely search for a baby item on Amazon and see it out of stock whereas if I go inside the store, the store will be out of her size or the brand I’m looking for. 

Here are my favorite items to snag off of Amazon.

  • Pampers! I’d like to review pampers at a later time as a video to compare and contrast brands. I love ordering diapers from Amazon. I get the monthly supply of Luvs:  and it’s at my door the next day. If you buy a monthly supply it is usually cheaper than buying in stores too. 
  • For parents’ breastfeeding, I found it helpful to buy breast pump parts and milk storage bags from Amazon. Breastfeeding requires constant replacement of parts because it helps keep your milk supply.  Again, super affordable and also shipped on time. 
  • For parents’ bottle feeding, if you like to change nipple sizes, those can be found on Amazon as well. We’ve switched to formula feeding and I’ve yet to buy formula from Amazon but if anyone has, please drop the link below. 
  • My friend purchased us a diaper pail that has literally saved our lives because I have such a strong sense of smell and by using a pail, I smell nothing, not a single dirty diaper. Amazon offers trash bags to refill the pail. The best part is that these bags are scented. Here is the link: 

I did most of my Christmas shopping for Avi on Amazon as well. In addition to the items above, I am able to get her clothes, shoes, baby wash, eating sets, bottle cleaning sets, and learning toys. Again, my reasoning for buying these items from Amazon is because most of the time the store doesn’t have these items in stock. By purchasing off of Amazon, I’m saving myself time. Are any of you Amazon baby shoppers? If so, what do you like to buy?

amazon shopping selfie

Disclosure: This post may include affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you click on the link as no extra cost to you.

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