One Of My Favorite Postpartum Products

I’m always excited to write content for you all. Let’s get to it! This week I want to share my experience with one of my favorite postpartum products. It’s my 2 in 1 postpartum recovery belly band.

It’s a two part band. One goes on your lower half of your belly and the other covers the top half of your belly. It’s completely full coverage and it rarely slips or unfastens. Now I know I’m a ways away from when I gave birth but what makes this an amazing product is that I can now use it as a waist trainer. It helps produce some extra sweat when I workout.

Any who, after pregnancy, a belly band helps bind the stomach back together after growing a human and giving birth. After birth, you still look pregnant because of the size of your uterus. It takes about 6 weeks for your uterus to go back to its normal size and the belly band helps get it there. The biggest reason why I purchased and used my wrap was because it made me feel less like jello. It served as some stability. I had a little well big pooch for a while and the belly band snatched it together (at least for a moment). My advice would be for those who want to maximize results that are long lasting is to not eat like your still pregnant. 🙂 I took my band with me in my hospital birthing bag and left the hospital with it on. I got the okay to wear it immediately after I gave birth.

In addition to using this product post-partum, belly bands are used to during pregnancy to help relieve discomfort from the weight of your belly. Before you do this though, be sure to talk to your ob/gyn about how to wear it properly. You never want to wear the band too tight because it gets super uncomfortable and make it hard to breathe. 

I have some other favorites I can’t wait to share. The next one is for my breast pumping mommas. 

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