Harmful Ingredients Found in Baby Food (again)

Hey lovely readers!

I hope you are hanging in there and ruling the parenting world. I have to admit I’m pretty tired this week and debated sharing content however, I want your input about something. Do you or did you feed your kid store bought baby food? 

No judgement either way. I have fed Avianna baby food but she very quickly chose table food instead. In the past, I’ve heard that baby food producers had harsh chemicals but the bell didn’t ring in my head until I came across a fairly new report about baby foods being contaminated with lead, arsenic, mercury and other dangerous toxins. I’m beyond dissapointed in the FDA for allowing these companies to continue to make products. This isn’t the first report of these findings. I’m angry companies continue to make these products knowing the harmful chemicals in the ingredients. Here is the link if you’d like to read the full report.

Avianna hasn’t had baby food in a couple weeks and there’s no way I am feeding her store bought baby puree. Long-term exposure to the chemicals found in baby food can cause delays in development and a variety of health complications. This is such a bummer because I don’t have a puree machine or the time to make baby food. I’ve learned how to adjust the meals I make to include something she can have. For example, I stick to soft food such as chicken, whole-grain noodle, cut-up fruits, or steamed veggies. For breakfast, I love making her pancakes or eggs. This is a fun time with food because we are learning what her favorites and not so favorites are. It’s also such a scary time because of allergies and the possibility of choking. 

 I really just wanted to share the announcement about baby food and see what your thoughts are. Did you already know this? If so, do you puree your own baby food? If not, will this information change what you feed your child? 

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