5 Ways I Make Time For Myself As a Mom

I’ve been reading a lot of posts about motherhood and the energy it takes to keep going. I think we as moms can agree that this lifestyle is so rewarding yet mentally and physically tiring. Just yesterday, I was texting with a good friend of mine about trying to get my 2nd wind and that motherhood is like working 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shifts. 

I also spent too much time on Twitter last night reading about the horrible situation going on in Texas and cruel ass comments about moms from people who don’t have kids or even worse, dads. People like to tell you what they wouldn’t do with their kids and first off, we don’t care and most importantly, no one asked you. I’m seeing that it’s challenging for people to understand the complexity of motherhood (some people will read this and think it’s ungrateful for moms to complain about being a mom). In most* situations that I’ve noticed, moms do way more than a day allows and put themselves aside to do it- for years. I admit that I’ve struggled to maintain the balance of being a mom and who I was before. You feel guilty if you take too much time for yourself and if you don’t take that time for yourself, you feel invisible. In order for things to stay sane for me, I have to find ways to do things for myself. Here are 5 ways, I managed to create time for myself. 

  1. Say No. The skill of prioritizing and recognizing when too much is on your plate is vital. 
  1. Find a hobby. For me, this is my blog or binge-watching TV 🙂
  1. Lay in bed a little longer. I love those extra moments of relaxation. 
  1. Take time to exercise. Exercising helps my mental state and serves as a midday break.
  1. Create a self-care routine. Splurge on some self care items. I love my CeraVe foaming facial cleanser, and collagen & retinol facial creme. I make it a priority to take care of myself so I feel good about the day. Buy a UV light gel kit and give yourself a manicure weekly, you deserve it. 

Throughout the week, I make sure I take my time getting ready for the day, work out, talk with a couple of friends, watch a TV show, browse social media, and blog. It depends on the day when I weave in time for myself. Sometimes, I’m working out before 8, and other times, I’m writing a blog at 4a because I can’t go back to sleep.

If it isn’t clear by now, remember to set time for yourself. You deserve it and much more.

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