Think you know diets? Listen to this podcast.

This week, I’m going to focus on a podcast I recently heard. Since finishing the podcast, my mind has been filled with doubting thoughts about the diet world. Here’s the podcast. Take a listen.

The conversation’s main topic is around weight watchers but dwindles into side convos about how diets mimic eating disorder behaviors and much more. In my postpartum journey, I am working hard to get rid of my pregnancy weight. I’ve been fasting and using weight watchers. Since January, I’ve lost 8 lbs but have 20lbs to go. I have hit a stage where my weight-loss has stalled. People have mentioned that reverse dieting can help with my weight loss plateau. I’ve turned it up a notch in the gym and hopefully, it helps! By the way, weight-loss is so damn hard! 

This podcast has made me question my “diet plan” and diet plans in general. First, I’ll talk about weight watchers. The creator of WW, Jean Nidetch, mock the entire support system from an already existing weight loss plan and she never truly lost weight with WW. I’d also like to add that WW is partly owned by an investor who also makes the Keebler cookies. A snack company has their hands on a weight loss program?? The math isn’t mathing for me. This was disappointing to learn and I was also disapointed I didn’t do more research before joining.

Secondly, the podcast episode talks about these ridiculous behaviors we engage in to stay within our calories. I’ve noticed I’m one of those dieters that will do well for a few days and just binge out and start all over again. I remember before pregnancy, I ate whatever I wanted and never counted a calorie or tracked what I had in a day. I never gained weight but I did workout constantly because I enjoyed it. My eating habits now are so restrictive, I dread when it’s time to eat. Eating shouldn’t be thought of as a challenge or stressor. 

Because, I have my fitness watch, my weight watchers account, and a couple other of apps, I am now constantly tracking my day and my mood heavily relies on if I got enough steps, burned enough calories, or ate within my “ WW points”. After having this realization, I hate that I’ve created this mindset that influences how I view myself and my self-esteem. 

How do you feel about diets and what it takes for weight loss? If you’ve lost weight, what worked and how was your self-esteem impacted?

I’d love to re-focus my weight loss journey so it’s centered around being less restrictive and more around loving how I look and feel. If you’re interested in learning more about diets and science behind health fads, take a listen to Maintenance Phase.

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